Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good Horses, Good Friends, Good Food & Drink

What more could you want? Rich and I have been on an “at-home” vacation this week. We’ve got a couple friends visiting from Kauai and a couple more from here in Colorado plus one flying in from MD tomorrow. We’ve been riding all day, in preparation for this weekend’s Versatility Ranch Horse clinic and competition in Granby CO.  and having evenings full of laughter and solving everyone’s problems. And, oh yeah, watching the finale of American Idol!


It’s cold and wet and snowy again today, but who cares when you are having a great time riding with friends! Yesterday we worked on the challenging trail course Rich set up in the indoor. Today we’re going to work on the mechanical cow. Tomorrow we leave for Granby. This weekend we’ll be staying at a renowned guest ranch called the C Lazy U From what I hear, it will be in a style that I can easily become accustomed to.


I am really excited to head for the barn, just as soon as I finish blogging, because I just got my brand new custom made by Circle Y cutting/ranch saddle. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! And has some very slick features such as gel inserts between the bars of the tree and the horse’s back plus a slick leather lining underneath instead of wool fleece—makes it easier to clean, gives a closer contact feel and doesn’t slip as easily. I can’t wait to try it out! I’ll let you know what I think next time!


Enjoy the ride!





  1. gosh julie,
    hope you or any of your friends were effected by the tornado.

  2. guess I should stop blogging whem I'm exhausted. I meant "not effected". by the tornado. sorry.

  3. OK well I was a little out of date so I had to read several blogs. The guest ranch looks gorgeous! Hope you're continuing to have a great visit with me sometime!




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